Monday, September 19, 2011

In The Guardian, YA authors report that their agents and/or publishers have asked them to straighten out their gay characters.
Two American authors have revealed that they were told by a literary agent to "straighten" a gay character in their post-apocalyptic young adult novel if they wished to be represented...

The demand follows the experience of author Jessica Verday, who pulled out of the young adult anthology Wicked Pretty Things in March after she was told by its editor that her story, "which features Wesley (a boy) and Cameron (a boy), who were both in love with each other, would have to be published as a male/female story because a male/male story would not be acceptable to the publishers".
Boo! Do not like. Especially speculative fiction books: do publishers seriously think that readers who can accept alternative history, alternative religion, and even different laws of physics, can't handle teh gay? C'mon.



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