Friday, October 23, 2009

I saw Alexander Franchi's new movie THE WILD HUNT at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema. A group of medieval re-enactors head off into the country for LARPing fun. And the movie has a lot of fun with the cross between high fictional style and the LARPers' reality. But then it heads into the darker worlds of sex, myth and sacrifice.

Tiio Horn is a revelation as the girl everyone's fighting over in real life and in the fantasy. Watch her become a star over the next five years.

It's a love story, and it's about how we need myth to elevate our lives, and it's about how our drive for love and our drive for meaning smash into our mundane lives And you don't know where it's heading, or what the rules are, and yet it's satisfying and inevitable by the end. No wonder the film won Best Canadian First Feature at TIFF.

And it's beautifully shot and cast and all that.

Nice work, Mr. Franchi!

Ah, if only real medieval re-enactments were this much fun.

(Full disclosure: I was a story consultant on the film. But it has way surpassed the script I gave notes on two years ago.)



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