Sunday, December 5, 2010

From the Toronto Star:
Montrealer Alex Epstein explores the youth of infamous Morgan, King Arthur’s half sister (and ultimately his nemesis), in The Circle Cast: The Lost Years of Morgan le Fay (Tradewind, 300 pages, $12.95, ages 13+). Shipped off for safety when her father is murdered and her mother taken by Uther Pendragon, Morgan lives in exile in Ireland. First welcomed, then enslaved, she develops her gift for sorcery wherever she is — even for a time in a small Christian community. Revenge for her father’s death is her sole desire, and to that end she turns magical knowledge, lust, love and all her abilities as a strategist of war. This has the darkness of Celtic magic — not fanciful, period romance — and a poetic terseness that suits its stern, passionate hero.

I'm pretty happy about that. I think that describes the book extremely well.

UPDATE: I just spoke with my printer. Books are already on their way to stores. They should be at stores in Eastern Canada by Wednesday, which means I would hope they ought to be in stores by Monday. In the US you have to order from (just click on the cover of the book) or wait till next year.



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