Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have wound up with a Kindle. Hunter got one for Christmas from his grandparents, I guess on the theory that maybe he would read books if they were on a screen. But he isn't really a book person. So now I have a Kindle.

As a guy whose family of four has five laptops (one for everybody, and a Macbook Air for travel), the Kindle already seems backwards as a device. No color? Tiny screen? It's easier to read a book on than my iPhone; but my heart yearns for an iPad. On an iPad, I could see two pages at once.

But it is a handy little fellow. I like that I can get something on it immediately. I will likely take it on trips.

What bugs me most is the pricing. Most of the time i buy used books, I get them for seven or eight bucks after shipping. A Kindle book costs ten bucks or more. And there's no real reason for that. Most of the cost of a book is making the book and then distributing the book. A Kindle costs essentially nothing to make and distribute. Amazon is making tons of profit on Kindle books.

It's been the same as the pricing on music. Why does an album cost almost as much on iTunes as on CD?

I guess I feel about the Kindle that this is the 1.0 of something whose 5.0 will be pretty good.

What I'd really love is to figure out how to distribute my review copies by Kindle, to reviewers who have one. Anyone know how I can do that?



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