Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New York Times article headline says teenagers are turning to e-readers in massive numbers:
Another theory suggested that the members of the younger set who were first encouraged to read by the immensely popular Harry Potter books tended to prefer hardcover over any other edition, snapping up the books on the day of their release. And anecdotal evidence hinted that younger readers preferred print so that they could exchange books with their friends.

That scene may be slowly replaced by tweens and teenagers clustered in groups and reading their Nooks or Kindles together, wirelessly downloading new titles with the push of a button, studiously comparing the battery life of the devices and accessorizing them with Jonathan Adler and Kate Spade covers in hot pink, tangerine and lime green.
Actually, the article itself says something more like "a lot of kids are buying a lot of ebooks."

Are e-books better? I like that I can download a book and have it immediately. I like that I can get classic books free. But it hasn't really changed my reading habits yet, partly because the library of available ebooks is so much smaller than the library of books. (And I would like my Kindle more if I could read it in the dark. )

How about you? Do you have an ebook? Has it changed your reading life?



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