Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I got my CueCat in the mail yesterday. It's a little barcode scanner in the shape of a cat, natch. (I guess to go with the mouse.) Run it along a barcode and it types the barcode into your computer. You can use it to scan your books into LibraryThing.

Why would you scan your books into LibraryThing? I guess so you can show your friends what books you have. Then you can see what books they have. And you can learn more about the authors. But most importantly, LibraryThing can find someone who has your taste in books, more or less, and then show you what books they have that you don't have. Chances are you'll find something good to read.

You can check out my books here. Not all of them, 'cause that would be a lot of scanning. And I keep donating them to the library when I'm done so they don't take over my house. But most of my favorite ones.

(I also have an author page there, with links. But I think the, uh, library thing is the most interesting part of the site.)



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