Thursday, September 1, 2011

I've had a bunch of nice reviews on YA blogs, as you can read further below. But the really glowing reviews have come from the straight press. I had that glowing review in the East Hampton Star, and in Historical Novels Review. I wonder if the book would do better as a straight novel, or just adult fantasy?

It's hard to say. My wife's book The Intrepid Art Collector got shelved under "collectibles" instead of under "art," although it had nothing for collectors, and was meant for art connoisseurs. I don't think that helped her book any.

Online it doesn't really matter because someone's going to search for "Morgan le Fay" or "King Arthur" or "Wicca" and maybe they'll find the book. But in bookstores, where something is shelved is hugely important. If you're looking for a fantasy book, you probably won't drift over to the YA shelves, although there's a lot of fantasy there. Likewise you wouldn't look under general novels, even though Doris Lessing has a few fantasy novels.

I'm a bit at my wit's end with the book. I can only track Amazon sales; bookstore sales won't come in until months from now. But it's not doing so well on Amazon, although it does have some Kindle sales. I'm frustrated because when people read the book, they like and often love the book. But how to get people to pick the book up?



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