Friday, October 21, 2011

I spent an hour and change this morning at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute, teaching The Circle Cast, and King Arthur, and post-Roman Britain, and my theories of character and storytellinger, to a 9th Grade class of honors students. That was fun.

I hope I didn’t leave them completely bewildered. I’ve been thinking about this story for over a decade, and I think I sort of gave them a 5 gigabyte upload all at once! I should probably have stopped more often for questions.

It’s a pleasure talking to smart kids. They really got the book.

They asked to see the original cover. They actually liked it better. They liked seeing a sixteen-year-old girl on the cover. I love the raven cover, but maybe a striking, mysterious cover is better for an adult, literary book, while the original cover lets you know right away that it’s a story about a girl and old magic.

Tomorrow at 2 pm, I’m reading at the Chapters in Bayview Village in Toronto. If you’re in the neighborhood, I hope you’ll come!



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